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The all important bike - part 1

Unless you have a lot of money to be burning on dirt bikes chances are very good you have a complex strategy to keep yourself on the newest, most reliable bike you can afford. Not only that but I'm sure your strategy is ever evolving and you were planning your next bike almost as soon as you picked up the one you are on now. So for someone just starting out what do you look for? New bikes have always been expensive but in my opinion the last two years or so prices have just gone crazy. Depending on where you are in the world a new 450 is going to cost you somewhere between $9500 and $12000, ouch! Then, if you believe the magazines and websites, you have to lay out more cash for a pipe (because 450's don't make enough power?!?!) and to have your suspension valved. That isn't my opinion but whatever works for each individual rider. For riders entering the sport prices of of new bike must seem a little overwhelming but there are a lot of good used bikes out there. I t
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Where do we start?

I think the foundation of the solution is simple, get more people riding dirt bikes. I find it almost comical that we have the people at Feld almost falling over themselves trying to bring changes to Supercross, talking about a chase format or the triple crown or doing away with semis etc. Then we have the major media outlets discussing these changes like they are oh so important. We are told these changes need to take place to keep things fresh and bring in new viewers. I don't really care what they are doing I'll still watch it but it feels like change for the sake of change, if I was a new viewer or I just started watching last year I'd just be confused. If you look at other main stream sports they may change up a few aspects around its core but it still remains what it is, I don't see the Super Bowl going to a best of seven play off series anytime soon and for good reason. Then there is money problem, the top five riders in the 450 class make great money and

Welcome to Save MX!

This blog has been a long time coming, I'm not the type of person to start a blog but this topic is something very important to me and something I feel there is a solution to. Motocross is a great sport for many reasons, for me its a way of life and from what I see and read that is true for a lot of other people as well, but there seems to be a lot of negativity surrounding the future of the sport and that is what I want Save MX! to address. I would really like to see some discussion in the comments below as we work toward saving motocross and building a positive, prosperous future.  I also want this to be a great resource for new riders, feel free to ask questions and if you have an answer please chime in. There are so many different aspects to moto and over the years I have learned a few tricks that I want to share, my newest venture is moto dad and I love watching my son not only develop his skills but just enjoying every second he is on a dirt bike. I plan to discuss a lot o